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What Are The Most Dangerous Foods You Purchase And Eat Daily, Without Knowing?

What Are The Most Dangerous Foods You Purchase And Eat Daily, Without Knowing?

Most people think they’re pretty healthy. But probing deeper into their diets, you’ll find out they are eating most dangerous foods they should not eat. You can’t blame them. With confusions surrounding advertising and labelling, buzzwords such as “organic”, “all-natural”, and even “sugar-free” can be confusing.

To make things easier for you, here are some of the top foods you should never eat. Most of these foods aren’t healthy at all. Most are highly inflammatory, highly processed, and secret sugar bombs, which can seriously interfere with your health. These are not an exhaustive list but are some of the most dangerous foods you should not buy.

Most fruit juices

Fruit juice is frequently believed to be healthy but is incorrect. Several fruit juices are more than simply fruit-flavoured sugar water. In fact, juices contain antioxidants and other chemical contents mixed with a large quantity of liquid sugar.


Candies (confectionery and sweets) are harmful because the human digestive system doesn’t break down their sugar alcohols and sugar substitute contents. Overeating candies could lead to serious stomach pains.


Pizzas are popular junk foods. But the concern is that most commercially-made pizzas are prepared with extremely unhealthy ingredients. The dough is prepared from highly refined wheat flour while the meats on them are processed.  Also, pizza is high in calories.

Cakes, cookies, and pastries

Most cakes, cookies, and pastries are unhealthy. Such tasty foods are some of the worst foodstuffs which you can put into your mouth. These treats don’t have essential nutrients and contain unhealthy ingredients and high calories.

Fast food meals

Normally “fast food” outlets only serve junk foods. Most of the foods they serve are highly engineered, mass-produced junk foods with extremely little nutritional value. Such chains are frequently cheap but put into consideration that fast foods cost you twice. For each dollar you save there, chances remain high that it will cost you several times more in the future. In other words, poor health decision is expensive.

Sugar alcohols

Sugar alcohols are mostly found in sugar replacements, sugar-free baked goods, and sugar-free gum. While frequently marketed as natural, these are derived from GMO ingredients and undergo intense processing. They are associated with rashes, headaches, allergic reactions, and other health problems.

Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn is another one of the most dangerous foods you should never eat.  It is prepared with questionable ingredients and coated with nonstick perfluorochemicals which are associated with cancer.

White bread

Normally bread is made from wheat that contains the protein gluten. All white loaves of bread are not healthy for you, especially for people who have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

Industrial vegetable oils

Also, most industrial vegetable oils fall onto the most dangerous foods you should never eat. Most refined vegetable oils such as canola oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, and soybean oil are genetically modified, highly inflammatory, partially hydrogenated and contain high omega-6 fatty acids.  They are commonly associated with cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.


A common myth is that margarine is low in saturated fats; thus would protect heart health. But this is not true. Margarine is normally made with trans fats that are responsible for about 40,000 serious heart attacks annually.

It is a big concern that majority of people buy and eat the most dangerous foods on a daily basis. Eating such foods is associated with serious diseases and health conditions. It is therefore important to choose food sources which are less processed.


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